I’m so excited for Sam and Dane’s wedding next August!  I first met with them back in the spring.  I loved getting to know their story of how they met and their plans for their big day!  Fast forward several months later.  After a couple reschedules due to them moving south, we finally were able to have their engagement session.  I love that they had to include their dog, Ryder into their session.  Dogs are a part of the family too right!

What I most love about this couple is their support for one another.  A little back story!  Sam has a huge successful weigh loss story.  She has lost over 50 pounds over the last 16 months with Weight Watchers.  I know she couldn’t have done this without Dane’s love and support.  He is definitely her number one fan and is so proud of Samantha!

Can’t wait to be a huge part of their special summer day in 2017!

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